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Are Henna Tattoos Permanent?

Are henna tattoos permanent? I get this question a lot. So let me try to answer this in a simple way. What is Henna? Henna is an Arabic word for a dye that is prepared from the plant Lawsonia inermis. Lowsonia intermis is commonly called henna plant. How is Henna Dye Made? Leaves of henna […]

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Dressing Tips for Summers – Designer Shehla Khan

Dressing Tips for Summers Shehla feels the colors for this season are close to skin tone, flowing into muted pastels. White is and always will be a summer favorite but the colours which will also stand out this season are champagne pink, fuchsia, faded red, mint green, black and baby blue. “One must keep the […]

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Keraskin Immuniste Le Soleil SPF 50+

With the mercury soaring in our tropical country, urgent protection is required from the harmful rays of the sun, namely UVA and UVB. While UVA lead to photo-ageing with signs like premature wrinkles, spots and sagging of the skin, UVB leads to sunburn. And if this was not enough, prolonged exposure can also lead to […]

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Iraya Sandalwood Body Lotion

New Range of Body Lotion From Iraya

Hi Guys. Just a small new product update. Skin care brand Iraya has launched a new body lotion cum moisturizer range. Here are the details. Wild Flower Nourishing Body Lotion Price: 250 ml Rs 395 Benefits: Nurtures, protects & strengthens skin. Leaves smooth velvet finish. For dry to normal skin. Ingredients: lotus seed, aloe, sesame, […]

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Lip Beauty Tips

Beauty Tips for Lips

I never knew yoga could help my lips look beautiful. Now that I know it let me share it with you wonderful people. Yoga for lips helps in creation of collagen. Collagen is the stuff that makes your lips pout :-). You need not more than 10 minutes a day for the 4 simple beauty […]

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How to apply moisturizer

Moisturizer – When and How Much to Apply?

I get this a lot – When and how many times should I apply moisturizer. There is no one answer to this question. The number of times you should apply moisturizer depends on your skin type. To determine you skin type read my article on finding your skin type. If you have dry skin you […]

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