Ayurvedic Skin Care During Monsoon

Dr. V L Shyam

Dr. V L Shyam

If you thought summer was hard on your skin brace yourself for the monsoons. Water pollution, humidity, and constant sweating plays havoc with immune system and skin. Our feet and skin bear the brunt of the rainy season. Dr V.L Shyam ayurvedic expert at Birla Kerala Vaidyashala shares ayurvedic skin care tips for monsoons.

As per Ayurveda body’s internal balance is disturbed during monsoons which leads to problems of skin, feet, and nails. Following are some common monsoon maladies along with tips with prevention and cure:

  • Bacterial Infections of the foot are common during monsoons. Wear open footwear like sandals and keep feet clean and dry.
  • Many a times rain water we must walk through is infected with rodent excreta (Yuck!!!). Infection can lead to hookworm. Hookworm penetrate our skin (Another big yuck!!!). So ladies take absolute and complete care. Don’t walk through water puddles and if you must then wash your feet immediately.
  • Areas between toes is a breeding ground of fungal infection. This happens because feet get damp during the rainy season. To fight fungal infection of the feet the Ayurvedic way take some “Triphala” or “Neem” leaves and boil the leaves in some water. After the water cools wash your feet with it.
  • One can avoid getting smelly feet during monsoons by soaking them in warm salt water and then washing them in cold and diluted black tea of diluted vinegar.

The following tips will help you maintain healthy skin, feet, and nails during monsoon months.

  • Eat warm food during monsoon months. Use of ghee or olive oil is also advisable.
  • Avoid dry stuff like crackers
  • Consume lots of fluids. Eat lots of sweet juicy fruits.
  • Avoid alcohol based skin cleansers
  • Use a paste of green gram powder instead of soap. Ayurveda powders like Sidharthaka choornam, Nimbadi choornam, Mudgadi choornam can be used as bath powder mixed with water
  • Eat nuts, (almonds, walnuts and their oils), seeds (sesame,sunflower and their oils), grape seed oil, soybean oil, whole grains, and legumes.
  • Apply Ayurvedic oils like Pindathailam or Dhanwantharam kuzhampu or Balaswagandhadi kuzhampu everyday 15 minutes before shower. Ayurvedic Foot massage is excellent for balancing Vata.
  • Keep your feet dry and clean at all times and moisturise them daily. Cut your toe nails regularly and keep them free from dirt.
  • Apply Ayurvedic oils like Pindathailam or Dhanwantharam kuzhampu or Balaswagandhadi kuzhampu everyday 15 minutes before shower.
  • Wash the face 2-3 times a day with a mixture of green gram powder and channa powder (equal proportion) made into a paste with water. Make a paste of papaya, honey, milk, apply on face, and leave for 15 minutes and wash.
  • Paste of neem leaves mixed with honey can be used as a face pack. Remove the pack before dries up.
  • Use a mixture of honey and curd for body massage before shower.

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