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How to apply moisturizer

Beauty Tips for Rainy Season

Its very difficult to wear makeup during the rainy season. We can all do with some monsoon beauty tips. These beauty tips have been collected from all around the Internet. Let’s Start Our Beauty Tips With Monsoon Makeup Avoid glossy makeup, instead go for matt makeup during the rainy months. One should avoid gloss, sheen, […]

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beauty tips for brides

Beauty Tips for Brides

As the big day approaches its no new thing that the bride needs to look good form head to toe, right from her skin to her face her hair every inch of her body is important. So here are some beauty tips for brides. 3-6 Months Before D Day First and foremost consult the right […]

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Aroma Magic Essential Oils

4 Uses of Essential Oils In Daily Life

Sense of smell has a very profound influence on our well being. Beleive it or not sense of smell in humans is very strong. This is the reason why a smell from childhood days can open floodgates of memories and emotions. Aromas can effect mood as well. This is the reason why supermarkets pump smell […]

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girl holding umbrella in rain

Monsoon Hair Care Tips Some Bullet Points to Remember

Hi Ladies. Off late I have covered many monsoon hair care articles from a range of experts. This blog has featured articles from ayurvedic experts, medical experts, and aromatherapists – all experts in their respective fields. This is the last article in this series. I am just going to jot down a few bullet points […]

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girl holding umbrella in rain

Tips For Monsoon Hair Care

Monsoon hair care is a pain in the neck. All sort of unwanted things happen to hair during the rainy season. Hair fall, dullness, and difficult to manage hairs, greasy scalp, frizzy tangled hair, monsoon related hair issues are many. What is the best way to manage hair during the monsoon season. Dr Uma Singh […]

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Hair Care

Hair Care Tips for Oily Scalp & Thin Hair

Hi Ladies! This week we received two queries on hair care. We got these questions answered by Dr Sandeep Sattur who is a top expert in the field of hair restoration. Hair Care Tips for Oily Scalp Question: I have oily scalp which makes my hair look sticky and requires daily wash, can oily scalp […]

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Tea with lemon, garlic, capsules and honey on white background

Home Remedies for Open Pores – Dr V L Shyam

Hi Ladies. This is an ASK BEAUTY MANTRA post, where we get beauty and makeup queries answered by leading experts. Today’s question is: I have pimple scars on my face & open pores. Please suggest some nice EGGLESS home remedies for open pores. We requested Dr V L Shyam, an ayurvedic expert at Birla Kerala […]

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