Eye Makeup Tutorial – Catty Eyes

Hi ladies today I am going to share a eye makeup tutorial for catty eyes effect. This eye makeup will look amazing on you if you have big eyes. So lets go ahead and enhance the beauty of your lovely eyes :-). This is super easy makeup. Beginners should try!

Here is how it looks

Eye Makeup Catty Eyes

Eye Makeup Catty Eyes

Stuff Required

  1. Black eye liner – or a colored one if you want to experiment with other colors.
  2. Eye makeup remover solution
  3. Q Tip

Steps Involved

Step 1: Start at he inner corner of you eye and drag the brush along the lash line to the outer corner.
Step 2: With light brush strokes, slowly draw the out side of the wing at an angle and then match it to the other side.
Step 3: Now fill in the corner of your corner creating a smooth line.
Step 4: Clean up the line by dipping Q tip in eye makeup remover and dragging it along the edge.

Here is the step by step video tutorial for this eye makeup

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