Hair Care Tips for Monsoons

Monsoon is highly looked forward to in India as it brings the temperature down and provides relief from the sweltering summer heat. However, it also comes with its own set of problems particularly for your hair. Here are some practical skin care tips on how to take care of your hair during monsoon.

Shampoo Guidelines for that Smooth and Shiny Mane

Often enough the frequency of shampooing goes up during monsoons and it is an old myth that frequent shampooing increases hair loss. During a shampoo, hair that has entered the resting phase and is sitting loosely in the hair follicle, usually falls off as it would have anyway shed. The humid weather makes the hair shaft moist which then tends to collect grime and dirt. This needs to be cleaned off with a shampoo as frequently as required to leave the hair shaft clean and healthy looking. People with dry hair should use a mild cream based shampoo with a mild conditioner. This keeps the scalp and hair shaft hydrated and makes the hair soft and shiny. However, people with oily hair should use a gel based shampoo and a natural conditioner like beer. Many people experience increased hair loss during the rainy season and this can be tackled by using a dermatologist prescribed shampoo that helps reduce hair fall as its ingredients are designed to increase blood supply to the scalp and reduce hair fall.

dry frizzy hair

Frizzy Hair Remedies

Condition for That Shine

Although the hair tends to get humid and limp faster, one should definitely use a conditioner in the monsoon season. The best way to condition one’s hair is to apply a mild conditioner only on the lower half of the hair length.

Spa Care for Your Hair

Hair spas are required once every 2 weeks for intense conditioning. One can even use a hair mask at home once a week for similar results.

Relax with Oil Massages

A gentle massage with coconut or olive oil once a week may be helpful in soothing the scalp and also helps one to unwind and relax. However, it is important to wash off the oil completely as it attracts dirt and other environmental pollutants which can then damage the hair shaft. Gentle oiling using coconut or olive oil is imperative for adequate conditioning this season.

Take Care of Your Tresses

Untangle the hair by gently running the fingers through the hair, wait for the hair to dry naturally. During the rainy season, towel-dry the hair completely after a wash and avoid running a brush or tying wet hair. Instead, if required, run only a wide toothed wooden comb through wet hair. If one needs to dry the hair fast, use a drier on the lower settings, keep it 5-6 inches away from the hair, and attach a diffuser to minimise heat injury to the hair. If you suffer from dandruff or have scalp problems, it is advisable to consult the dermatologist for professional advice.

Say No to Hair Styling Products

Mousses, gels and sprays, which are frequently used for styling the hair, may cause excessive damage to the hair. Try and keep the use of these styling products to a minimum.

Eat Right, Get Right

Your hair reflects your nutritional status and like the skin, the hair is also affected by what you eat. A diet rich in proteins and essential fatty acids (fish, eggs, grams, whole grains etc) can not only slow down premature greying but can also increase hair length and make the hair shaft healthier and stronger.

Soak in the fun this rainy season

Like me if you enjoy a soak in the rain, ensure that you shampoo after the rain. The acid in the rain and the environmental pollutants which settle on the hair during the rains can cause oxidative injury to the hair shaft and make it more brittle and prone to splits. Also the rain water sitting on the scalp can result in fungal infections.

Fight the Scalp Infections

Bacterial and fungal scalp infections are very common this time of the year. The high humidity levels functions as a rich medium for growth and proliferation of fungi in the scalp skin. This can result in painful or an itchy rash which needs a dermatologist’s input for rapid and effective treatment.

So face the monsoons with beautiful glowing skin and hair with these simple tips from The Skin Center.


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