Hair Care Tips for Oily Scalp & Thin Hair

Hi Ladies! This week we received two queries on hair care. We got these questions answered by Dr Sandeep Sattur who is a top expert in the field of hair restoration.

Hair Care Tips for Oily Scalp

Question: I have oily scalp which makes my hair look sticky and requires daily wash, can oily scalp be a reason of hair loss too? Need hair care tips to improve the growth as well?

Dr Sandeep Sattur Answers

An oily scalp needs a shampoo that is a good cleanser but has minimal conditioning properties. People with oily scalp should avoid frequent use of conditioners. Oily scalp by itself is not responsible for hair fall but if it accompanied by seborrhoeic dermatitis then it could be the cause of some increase in hair fall. Proper and optimal nutrition – with the right mix of proteins, carbs and fats combined with healthy hair practices should aid in hair growth.

Hair Care Tips for Thin Light & Lifeless Hair

Question: My hair have started to look lifeles! They are very thin and light.  I don’t oil my hair very often, but I do use conditioner I have  grey hair as well please tell me how can I get a good texture and thickness for my hair.

Dr Sandeep Sattur Answers

Reasons for having thin hair include

  1. Inadequate protein intake
  2. Weathering
  3. Genetic reasons

Increase your protein intake and use  mild shampoos. Leave on conditioners after hair wash will help to improve the quality. One would need to look for actual damage before recommending further treatments. Oiling your hair before a shampoo would be a good option as the oil helps to protect the hair from the detergents in the shampoo.

Hair Care Tips for Grey & Rough Hair

Question: I have rough and grey hair, kindly suggest some solution to make them smooth and black.

Dr Sandeep Sattur Answers
Unfortunately there are no known treatments to prevent or reverse graying. Use of conditioning shampoos will improve the texture of your hair. Again, diet could play a role in graying along with protection from direct sunlight.

[author] [author_image timthumb=’on’][/author_image] [author_info]Dr Sandeep Sattur is the Hair Restorative Surgeon at Evolve Medspa. He has completed his MBBS, MS (General Surgery) and M Ch (Plastic Surgery) from The Grant Medical College. He has been practicing in Mumbai for the last nine years being affiliated to and having hospital privileges at the number of hospitals in Mumbai. His current practice is almost exclusively limited to hair restoration but being affiliated to three General Hospitals as a Plastic Surgeon, he has to dedicate some time to reconstructive surgery. He is a top expert in the field of hair restoration.[/author_info] [/author]


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