Halloween Makeup from Colorbar

As Halloween is round the corner and Colorbar has decided to do something exciting for this time. We pitch to you some makeup tricks for the Halloween party on the go. Please find enclosed below the makeup tips for Halloween makeup from Colorbar Colorbar training and makeup expert Sakshi Sethi.

Halloween Makeup by Colorbar

Halloween Makeup by Colorbar

  1. The trick to achieve vampire look is to keep your eyes deep an face pale. Use foundation base two or three shades lighter than what you normally wear and apply light layer white pressed powder to face and neck for flawless finish
  2. Line lids with black liquid eyeliner. Liner can be used to make a “cat’s eye” look. Use pencil black eyeliner below the bottom eyelashes and smudge. If you cannot master the tricky liquid eyeliner look, simply use the pencil eyeliner all the way around the eyes and smudge, creating a smoky eye look. Smudge eye shadow with either your fingertip or eye shadow sponge brush .
  3. Apply black or deep purple eye shadow over your eyelid to give vampire look. Shading should be darkest near the lashes in the centre of the eye and gradually get lighter. Alight high lighter on the under brow will accentuate the eye area. You can even lightly sprinkle fine glitter over your eye makeup for glowing eyes like twilight vampires.
  4. Re-shape the eyebrow into an high arch using black or dark brown eye shadow and to bring out more drama apply coat of black mascara . If you desire thicker eyelashes allow the first coat of mascara to dry and then apply second coat.
  5. The lips are usually the most vibrant part of vampire makeup, use shades between a bright red & blood-red. For nail the most popular colors are black and bloody red for the look.

Colorbar Products to be used for achieving the vampire look:

  • Colorbar Perfect Match Foundation and Compact
  • Colorbar Ultimate Eyeliner and Eye Glide
  • Colorbar Trio Eye Shadow
  • Colorbar Duo Mascara
  • Colorbar Take Me As I Am Lip color
  • Extra Durable Lip Color Shade No: 18
  • Colorbar 15ml Nail Lacquer.


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