How to Do Manicure At Home

Hi ladies today I am going to tell you how to do relatively free manicure at home. I like doing my manicure at home often. When doing manicure at home I take my own time and listen to my favorite music with the mood set by perfumed candles burning. So here we go.

Stuff Required

  1. Cuticle kit or a cuticle cutter cum pusher
  2. Clipper with medium width head
  3. Clipper with a small head
  4. Bowl of soapy water
  5. Nail whitener or a base coat
  6. Your favorite nail paint.

Steps for Doing Manicure at Home

Before starting remove nail polish or nail art you might have on your nails.

  1. Start with a bowl of warn soapy water. Dip both hands in the water and let your fingers soak for about 10 minutes.
  2. Next wash both hands properly. Make sure the soap is all gone and dry hands properly. At the end of this step you will have squeaky clean hands.
  3. Now it is time to push back your cuticles. You will need a cuticle pusher. Push your cuticles back with it. Be gentle while pushing cuticles back.
  4. Next step is to remove wayward cuticles with a cuticle remover. Usually cuticle remover and cuticle pusher are at the opposite tips of the same instrument stick. Be careful while removing the cuticles because the cuticle remover is sharp and can hurt or cause a minor injury.
  5. Use a clipper (one with a small head) to remove any hang nails
  6. If at this stage you need to reduce length of your nails use a clipper with a medium width head. While working at the curves of the nail tip keep the clipper stationary and rotate your fingers. This leads to more control and better shape.
  7. Now use a nail file to smoothen the edge of your nails.
  8. Apply a layer of nail whitener. This add shine to the nails and protects them from chipping. This will also protect your nails from getting yellow or colored if you regularly wear nail paint or nail art.
  9. Apply your favorite nail paint or do your favorite nail art.

And we are done!

Some Nail Art Designs You Can Try to Complete Your Manicure

Nail Art Design – Shades of Pink
Nail Art Designs – Shape Your Nail Square
Citrus Fruits Nail Art
Birthday Balloon Nail Art
Nail Art to Compliment Your Dress
Watermelon Nail Art Design
Simple Nail Art design – White Stripes on Pink
Newspaper on Your Nails

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