How to Do Smiley Nail Art Design?

Hi there. This blog has not covered a nail art design in a long time. So today I am going to share 2 of them. I shot these nail art at 1010 The Nail Spa Delhi. This one is a Smiley Nail Art Design and is very simple to do.

Smiley Nail Art Tutorial

Smiley Nail Art Tutorial

You are going to need the following stuff.

  1. Base coat.
  2. Blue Nail Lacquer
  3. Yellow Nail Paint/ Acrylic color
  4. Black Nail Paint/ Acrylic color
  5. Size Zero/One Paint Brush.

So lets see how this nail art is done.

Start by applying a coat of base coat to protect and strengthen your natural nails. Applying base coat protects nails from turning yellow. In fact one should apply base coat before applying nail paint.

All right now that the base coat has been applied paint your nails a solid blue. Depending on the nail lacquer you are using you will need to apply 2 to 3 coats to get a solid blue. In this video tutorial we have used OPI nail lacquer. 2 coats suffice.

Quick tip. Let the nail paint dry between coats.

Now take some yellow nail paint/ acrylic paint with size zero/one (depending on your nail size) paint brush and draw a circle. This circle is the face of the smiley.

With size zero brush pick some black nail paint and draw eyes and “smile” of the smiley. Apply top coat to protect your design. And that is it. Your smiley nail art is done.

Video Tutorial For Smiley Nail Art

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