How to Make Your Own 100% Organic Makeup Remover

Hi ladies today I am going to show you how to make your own 100% organic chemical free organic makeup remover. This is a very simple DIY and you are going to need only the following stuff.

  1. Soft cotton pads. You can get these at any drug store or departmental store these days.
  2. Aloe Vera Water. Also available very easily.
  3. Extra virgin olive oil.

Making Organic Makeup Remover

Before I tell you how to do this insanely easy DIY let me assure you that using Olive oil is safe for all skin types and will not lead to pimples etc. Olive oil resembles the natural type of oil on your skin it will not clog your pores or cause acne and will help in cleaning out impurities. It will also not dry out your skin. Actually it the stripping of the skin oil which causes dryness and itching and causes skin to produce more oil resulting to acne etc.

Aloe vera is a herbal medicine. It is a cooling agent that helps calm the skin. Aloe vera is also a rich source of amino acids, A, C, F, B, and B12.

Pour about one cup of extra virgin olive oil is a bottle of Aloe vera water. That is it. Your 100% organic makeup remover is ready.

How it Works

Shake the bottle well before use. This will cause the olive oil and aloe vera water to mix. Now soak the cotton pad with the mixture and put it on your eyes. Leave it on for a few seconds. The oil will break down the makeup. Then gently sweep the pad away from the eyes. Clean the entire face. Use multiple pads if you are removing heavy makeup. Never soak the same pad again. This is not hygienic and will spoil you makeup remover.

Aloe vera will give a cooling sensation and the olive oil has the ability to break down color pigments used in makeup.

Store the bottle in a cool place. Shake well before use.

Stay beautiful.

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