Leopard Spots Paint Nail Art with 1010 The Nail Spa

Hi guys we uploaded the video of our first nail art shoot with 1010 The Nail Spa. Today we are uploading the second nail art video. This is a simple yet elegant leopard spot nail art design. You just need 4 things to do this design at home.

  1. Base coat to protect and strengthen your natural nails
  2. Glitter nail polish
  3. Black acrylic paint
  4. Top coat

Start by applying a layer of base coat. Then apply 2 layers of glitter polish. 2 layers will create a solid layer of glitter on your nails. Then with a size zero paint brush and black acrylic paint start drawing the spots. Draw as many spots are you are comfortable with. Apply the top coat and your design is ready. Very simple isn’t it?

We are embedding the video below. Take a look. We are going to 1010 The Nail Spa for our next shoot on Monday (3 days from today). What should we shoot this time? Tell us in the comment section.

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