Good Morning Everyone. Today I am going to review Keraskin Esthetics Olea Scrub Gel. Scrubbing to get rid of dead skin cells, impurities and pollution is part of my summer skin care ritual. So when I got a chance to review this gel scrub I jumped to the opportunity. We got Keraskin Esthetics Olea Scrub gel reviewed by 4 people with the following skin profiles:

  1. Swati: Swati is our newest writer. She is 2nd year law student and had dry skin.
  2. Manju Chandra: Manju has been a regular reviewer of skin care products for our blog. She has oily skin.
  3. Vikram: Vikram manages the technical aspects of this blog and has combination skin which is especially oily on the nose.
  4. Myself: I have sensitive skin. I mean really sensitive.

Every reviewer got to use the gel scrub for a period of 10 days. 

About Keraskin Esthetics Olea Scrub Gel

This is a general purpose skin scrub with micro granules, essential oils, fruit and fruit peel extracts.


The gel comes in a 100ml white tube and is priced at Rs 2200. The scrubbing granules are 300-500 micro meters in size. This means it is a micro granule scrub and skin will not get scratched or abrased during scrubbing.


Hydrogenated Polysobutene
Parafinum Liquidum (Mineral Oil)
PEG-20 Methyl Glucose Sesquistearate
Apricot Kernel Oil
Apricot Seed Powder
Vaccinium Myrtillus Fruit Extract
Olive Fruit Oil
Avocado Oil
Rice Barn Oil
Sugar Cane Extract
Orange Fruit Extract
Lemon Peel Extract
Sugar Maple Extract

How to Apply?

Apply up to twice a week (over scrubbing can damage skin). Apply on DRY skin. After application massage in small circles. Avoid eye contour area. Only add water after application. On applying water the gel turns into an easy to wash lotion.

Keraskin Esthetics Olea Scrub Gel


The gel was very effective on all skin types we tried it on (Oily, combination, dry, and sensitive). It does a good job of scrubbing the skin. The skin glows more after application and also feels soft and suppler. Works like magic on oily skin and gets rid of oil for 4-5 hours. Though it is not intended benefit as this is a scrub gel it is a nice side-effect.

Another major benefit of this scrub is in suppressing growth of blackheads. When applied on oily nose it removed dirt and oil thus reducing growth of blackheads. As claimed the gel indeed moisturizes the skin. So people with oily and moderately dry skin need not worry about applying a moisturizer after  using this gel.

We also liked the fact that this is a micro granule scrub and is not harsh and abrasive on skin like scrubs with bigger granules. Also it is full with natural ingredients.

Skin feels fresh after use. Some scrubs I have used earlier gives a very “heavy” feel.

Also very convenient to use. Hole and ball mechanism in the cap. This means you don’t have to un-cap the tube. Just rotate the cap a bit and squeeze. The gel comes out of the hole in the center of the cap. So one can control the quantity required without wastage.


The price. At rs 2200 for it is very expensive. But since the scrub is in gel format even a small quantity spreads quite evenly. The gel is full of micro granules unlike some products where density of granules is less and you end up pouring 2-3 “helpings” from the tube. and one tube can easily last 40-50 applications. If using 8 times a month one tube will last about 4 months. Not bad!


Though Keraskin Esthetics Olea Scrub Gel is a hydrating scrub people with very dry or sensitive skin should use a good moisturizer after using the scrub.

Our Verdict

Over-all an good exfoliating scrub and if your budget permits you should consider buying it.

Final Score 8.5/10


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