Metallic Eye Makeup Tutorial in 9 Easy Steps

Hi ladies. Today I am going to take you through a metallic eye makeup tutorial. This eye makeup is elegant and yet easy to do. I think even beginners should try this. This eye makeup is ideal for an evening out with friends or a office dinner.

Stuff Required

  1. Foundation to match your skin tone
  2. Metallic Shimmer
  3. Metallic Shadow Pellet
  4. Black Liner
  5. Volumizing Mascara
  6. Peachy Gold Shimmer
  7. Metallic Peach Lipstick

Step by Step Instructions

Step 1: After evening out your skin tone with foundation, fill in your brows with light, quick strokes mimicking individual hairs.
Step 2: With your finger, swirl a longwear shimmer shadow on the center of your lid.
Step 3: Dab an eyeshadow brush in a metallic shadow and tap off any excess on the back of your hand.
Step 4: Sweep the color on the remaining areas of your lid, crease, and bottom lash line.
Step 5: With a light shimmer shadow fill in the inner corner, above the crease and along the brow bone.
Step 6: Rim the upper and bottom lashlines with a black longwear liner.
Step 7: Coat the lashes with volumizing mascara
Step 8: Swirl a peachy gold shimmer blush on the apples of your cheeks.
Step 9: Finish with a metallic peach lipstick.

This is how it looks before and after the makeup.

Metallic Eye Makeup

Metallic Eye Makeup Before and After

Here is the video which takes you through all the steps.

Stay tuned for more eye makeup tutorials

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