Monsoon Beauty Tips for Would Be Brides

This article is for all the wonderful girls who are going to be brides after the monsoon is over. Make full use of these 2 months to take good care! These beauty tips have been contributed by Shelly Khera of Slim Sutra.
  1. The monsoon weather may tempt you to gorge on bhajiyas which will spoil Bride’s skin.You can have roasted snacks, sprouts ,fruits,dryfruits.These things will improve your skin quality.
  2. In this season you feel body pain or lethargic. You can take detox body massage once a week to improve lymphatic drainage which will help you to reduce body-ache as well as it will give you glowing skin also.
  3. Dehydration is a possibility during the monsoons too as one tends to drink less water. Bride should have lots of liquids like Chaas,Vegetable juices ,herbal water, fresh fruit juices green tea etc.
  4. Your hair will be spoiled in monsoon. Bride should use good hair packs or she should take hair spa .Which will improve her hair texture and give extra shine for the Wedding Day.
  5. Skin can get pale in the monsoon season. Bride can take cocoa butter massage on full body or else can take full body polishing. Else go for a vitamin facial that will glow your face.
  6. Person can’t do walk or jogging because of rain .So Bride can do yoga at home to enhance the outer and inner beauty. It would be good to try ‘Siddha Yoga’ yoga done along with a mental attitude.
  7. As one tends to use less mositurizer during monsoon, skin becomes dry so take a good ayurvedic massage for your body and take ozone steam to get perfect bridal look .
  8. Nail damage is the common problem during monsoon. Before a week of wedding bride can take proper nail spa or foot spa.

Stay beautiful!

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