Monsoon Diet – What to Eat During The Rainy Season

Hi Ladies. Some time back we did an article on which foods to avoid during monsoons. Today we are going to talk about which foods are good for your during the rainy season. This article has been contributed by Nutritionist Pallavi Srivastava of Evolve Medspa.

Monsoon Diet – What to Eat During the Rainy Season

Humidity is high during monsoon as a result body looses water from sweating. As a result of sweating level of salt in the body goes down. This can lead to dehydration. Digestive system also becomes less efficient during the rainy season. So during monsoon one sould:

Eat light foods like vegetables, fruits, cereals, etc. Keep vegetables like karela (biter gourd), and include bitter herbs like neem, methi, and haldi. Bitter vegetables and herbs boost immune system and are rich in anti oxidants. Vegetables like spanich, carrots, cauliflowers, raddish, lettuce etc help keep the body fit and skin glowing in monsoons. Non veg lovers should go for grilled and tandoori meat which need less oil. Maintaining general hyegiene is very important when eating out. Eat lots of fruits. Fruits like apple, plums, lichi nuts, etc can be consumed.

Salt should be consumed in moderation. As a general rule avoid fried and salty food during monsoon season. Some precautions to take during monsoon are:
Make sure fruits and vegetables are properly washed. A good idea is to wash vegetables in warm water or warm salt water.
Whenever possible blanch the vegetable to get rid of pathogents.
Drink water at regular interals to keep body hydrated

Have a safe monsoon.


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