Monsoon Hair Care Tips – Don’t Let Rain Wreck Your Hair

Rainy season is the worst time for hair. The humidity brings out the frizz which makes it almost impossible for any style to last longer than a few hours. This article includes inputs from Ayesha Mistry. Ayesha is creative stylist ar Juice Hair Salon.

Monsoon Hair Care Tips

Monsoon Hair Care – Simple Tips to Keep Your Hair Looking Great During Rainy Season

Monsoon Hair Care Tips

Choosing Anti Frizz Shampoo

The number one monsoon hair care trick here is to use the right products that help you control the frizz right from the minute you step out of the shower. A good anti frizz shampoo and conditioner should have ingredients like Glycerin which hydrates the hair and soothes the cuticle which in turn prevents frizz in the monsoons.

Right Way of Applying Anti Frizz Serum

An anti frizz serum should be applied on damp hair and semi dried before you start any kind of styling. After styling hair spray can be used. Select a hair spray which is flexible but has anti humidity properties. Thish will help prevent frizz and flyaway hair.

It is best to wear your hair in its natural texture in the monsoons,This makes it easy to do and has less maintenance.

Monsoon Hair Care for Different Hair Types

Curly Hair

Best way to maintain curly hair after a shampoo and conditioner is to towel dry it. Apply a leave in conditioner which will defrizz and detangle the hair. Layer the hair with a curl enhancing product like TIGI BEDHEAD Foxy Curls Curl Enhancing Contour Cream and scrunch the hair using a diff-user.

Straight Hair

After shampoo and conditioning apply a heat protective serum through your hair. Blast dry your hair till it is about 80% dry.Starting from the nape work in 1 inch or more sections and blow dry the hair. Choose how you would like to part your hair and iron it it small sections. Spritz an anti humidity spray through your hair so that your look lasts longer.

Bonus Monsoon Hair Care Tips – Contributed by Editor

Aromatherapy is a great way of keeping hair healthy and beautiful looking during rainy season. Dr Blossom Kochhar is a globally acclaimed aroma therapist. You should watch her two videos on monsoon hair care. Beauty-Mantra shot these video with Dr Kochhar last season. You can watch monsoon skin and hair care with home products by clicking the link or in the player below.

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