Monsoon Hair Care Tips – Take Care of Your Hair This Rainy Season

Mohit Vij Creative Director F1 Salon

Mohit Vij

Hi ladies monsoons are here and so are hair problems. We chatted up with Mohit Vij of F1 Salon Delhi for some practical monsoon hair care tips. Mohit Vij is a down to earth professional, creative, flamboyant, vivacious and a die -hard optimist. After completing his graduation, Mohit Vij is a trained cosmetologist from L’Oreal Professionals Mumbai. After working for 2 years in Mumbai he relocated to Delhi as Creative Director at Habib’s Hair and Beauty Salon. After that he has moved to Delhi and headed Habibs – hair and beauty salon as a Creative Director. He now runs his own salon F1 Salon in Delhi.

6 Monsoon Hair Care Tips

  1. Don’t Tie your hair if it gets wet in rain as rain causes humidity which leads to split ends because rain water has chlorine in it. After returning home, shampoo your hairs leave it to dry and then only tie it.
  2. Don’t use hair gel or hair sprays because hair is already dry and fizzy during rainy season and these products cause more dryness.
  3. Use mild shampoo like L’Oreal Sensy balance or Johnson and Johnson baby shampoo, even if you use it regularly it will not harm your hairs and prevents it from dryness.
  4. Use nice hair serum after every wash. As it carries silicon which helps giving shine to your hairs. Serum is considered to be Anti-Humidity product
  5. During rainy season, 45 mins before shampoo, massage your scalp with curd or refined oil and then shampoo it. It will give a shiny look and also prevents it from hair fall, dryness and dandruff.
  6. Avoid thick oil like mustard oil, instead use lukewarm coconut oil, it will leave your scalp cool.

3 Responses to Monsoon Hair Care Tips – Take Care of Your Hair This Rainy Season

  1. krishna June 29, 2012 at 8:33 am #

    pls suggest remedies for hair fall..!!

    • admin June 29, 2012 at 8:46 am #

      Sure will upload an article on preventing hair fall.

  2. Sujata July 31, 2012 at 4:43 pm #

    Yeah….that’s true. Apart from the relief from prolonged heat, monsoon brings so many woes. Hair problem is one of the biggest woes that comes with the monsoon. My basic problem during monsoons is the frizzy hair. My hair is all fine but come monsoon and they are all dry and frizzy! I started using HairX Anti-frizz shampoo and for now it’s working good for me. Do I need to use conditioner or shall stay away from it? As my hair is quite oily….so!?

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