Monsoon Skin Care Tips by Dr Karuna Malhotra

Dr Karuna Malhotra

Dr Karuna Malhotra

Rains are nearly here, and so are our skin worries. But don’t worry! In this article renowned cosmetologist and homeopath Dr Karuna Malhotra shares some monsoon skin care tips for.

During the rains, skin suffers due to high humidity. Sweat and oil deposits make the skin really dull. So, adjust your skin care routine according to the season. A change in weather does not mean you put do away with your skin care routine, it just means that you will need to modify it to suit the rainy weather.

Face packs are highly recommended during rainy season and should be used twice a week. Multani mitti face packs can be made at home which are wonderful for the skin. Mix multani Mitti with rose water and curd and besan to make this mask . Apply it on face and keep it till it dries and cracks off. Remove it with help of cold water. Also one can use fruit packs – mashed banana, papaya, grated cucumber together and mixed well- apply this on your face and after 20 mins wash it with cold water, it will gives coolness to your skin. Mango is very good for people having dry skin.

You can follow the following tips for a trouble free skin during monsoon season.

Cleanse your skin: Washing the impurities away from our skin allows it to breathe. Clean your skin by washing thoroughly with soap and by removing impurities. After this you must exfoliate the skin meaning remove the dead cells from the skin. “But to protect the skin’s natural oils, avoid anti-fungal and perfumed soaps. Instead use a non-soapy cleanser that ensures deep pore cleansing,” recommends Dr Karuna. Splashing the eyes with cold water also provides great relief.

Moisturise: People who spend a lot of their time in an air-conditioned environment need to keep their skin moisturised and not only for them but people who are out most of the times should also moisturize their skin properly. However, those with oily skin should do so only twice every day. Their skin’s natural oils will keep it hydrated.

Don’t rub your face while drying it: The facial skin is very delicate so rubbing it with a towel can cause hyper-pigmentation. Gently pat it dry avoiding any kind of friction.

Sunscreen protection for your skin: As long as there is daylight, our skin needs protection from UVA and UVB rays. Apply sunscreen 30 minutes before you step out and re-apply every three to four hours.

During night remove all your make up: We must not leave make up on our skin and let the skin breath. So it is very essential to remove the makeup on the skin using oil free make up remover followed by a nice shower.

So, although the sky may carry a gloomy cast, you can brush off your skin woes and guarantee beautiful, glowing skin.

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