Muslim Bridal Makeup

When I was 15 my mom dad started saying that I will get married one day. Whenever I saw a wedding I started fanaticizing about my wedding. How will it be? What clothes I will wear? How will I look and many more things. Not only me but for sure every girl has some dreams for her special day. You too must be having plans in mind. When you get married you take a step forward to a whole new world, new people and more responsibilities. This day is very special for every girl. She wants to look the most beautiful bride ever. Here I have some tips for Muslim bridal makeup which will make you look gorgeous.

Muslim bridal wear

Most of the Muslim brides go for Sharara. It has a kurti, veil,and a pair of pants which flare out dramatically. The knee area has elaborate embroidery with zari and zardori work. It is generally made of silk brocade fabric. You can choose from a variety colors for your wedding. Mostly pink and maroon look awesome. Choose the right color of dress according to your choice and complexion. You can also go for ghagra choli. Bridal makeup should complement the dress.

Accessories for Muslim bride

A bride can wear a lot of jewellery studded with diamonds and gems to add beauty to her look. Accessory should be chosen matching her first decide dress then choose the jewellery. Jewellery can include bajubandh, tikli, bangles and nose accessories.

Makeup for Muslim bride

  • Start by concealing problematic area
  • Dab concealer
  • Select base according to skin tone and apply
  • Dab base properly
  • Do facial correction for highlighting facial features
  • Highlight the opposite area
  • Apply face powder on face and neck and blend it
  • Highlight the eye area
  • Apply a copper eye shadow
  • Apply eye shadow according to the color of dress on crease line and blend it
  • Apply highlighter on the upper lid over the eye ball area
  • Apply liner according to the color of the dress
  • Apply the same color eye shadow over liner
  • Apply black eye liner
  • Apply copper eye shadow on lower lash
  • For thick eyebrows apply kajal and blend it
  • Apply mascara
  • Curl lashes for perfect look
  • Remove loose powder from under the eye
  • Touch up under eye area with base
  • Apply blusher
  • Apply shimmer on face and neck and blend it
  • Start lip make up by outlining the lips. Choose a lip liner which suits your overall attire and you complexion
  • Fill the lip shade

Finally complete the makeup with proper accessories

Now you are all ready with bridal makeup, dress and accessories to go out and woo your groom and others present there. It’s your day look fabulous and make it memorable.

If you have a dark skin tone you can accompany your bridal makeup with makeup tips for dark skin.



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