Nail Art 101

Hi Ladies,

We have started a new section on nail arts and this article (courtsey VLCC) is meant to be an introduction to the topic.

Who Can Get Nail Art?

As per VLCC women from all walks of life are trying nail art. A college girl can try cracked nail effect for a corporate woman French pink or white manicured look is more in vogue. If one is willing to spend a small fortune Swarovski Crystals and other flashy accessories can be worn by piercing the nail.

Nail Extensions

Maintaining nails needs care and may not always be possible. Nails sometimes crack or chip. These make wearing nail art difficult. Nail extensions solve this problem. However wearing nail extensions requires periodic visits to a nail art expert for refitting etc.

Occasion Specific Nail Art

Nail art offers choices for different social occasions. So experiment with different options and designs.

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