Skeyndor Age Preventing Sun Lotion SPF 30

Skeyndor is a Spanish skin care brand. The company introduced its SPF 30 Sun Protection Lotion in India recently. Its high SPF of 30 is sufficient for Indian summers. The lotion also gives protection against UVA rays.

Skeyndor Age Preventing Sun Lotion SPF 30

Skeyndor Age Preventing Sun Lotion SPF 30




















Main ingredients of the sunscreen lotion are

  1. Golden Seaweed
  2. Thermal water from Sallies-de-Bear
  3. UV Pearls

But will I use this sunscreen? The press release available on many Indian websites is poorly written and shares zero information about the product. So I turned to reviews on Internet.

Reviews on Internet

This product is new in India and hence not easily available. We could also not find anyone who has used this sunscreen. So I searched the Internet for reviews and I are presenting them below with sources.

From the Company Website

The page for Skeyondor SPF 30 Sun Protection Lotion does not have  customer testimonial, detailed product description, or before-after images to judge product effectiveness. The product says the lotion is suitable for all skin types and age. I am not a skin expert but I find this claim so unconvincing. Because someone with oily skin (like my husband) will look for a sunscreen that is light and prevents oil. While someone with dry skin (like my sis-in-law) is more happy with a cream that moisturizes skin even in hot and dry Indian weather. And I have not seen a sunscreen which makes both skin types happy. And what about people with sensitive and very sensitive skin? Marketing Guru Seth Godin has said “A product for everyone is a product for no one”. For a product which is launching in India for the first time I expected more communication. We could not even find out the price of the product :-).

Elsewhere on the Web

Google search with keyword “Skeyndor Age Preventing Sun Lotion SPF 30 Reviews” does not return any relevant page ( I went through the first 20 results). So there is nothing out there on the web to help me take a buying decision.

I am Not Buying Skeyndor SPF 30 Sun Protection Lotion

I will rather wait and watch some of my more adventurous friends use this product and take their advice. If you have used this product then please help us write a review. Our e-mail id is

Stay beautiful.

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