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Monsoon Hair Care Tips Some Bullet Points to Remember

Hi Ladies. Off late I have covered many monsoon hair care articles from a range of experts. This blog has featured articles from ayurvedic experts, medical experts, and aromatherapists – all experts in their respective fields. This is the last article in this series. I am just going to jot down a few bullet points […]

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Hair Care Tips for Oily Scalp & Thin Hair

Hi Ladies! This week we received two queries on hair care. We got these questions answered by Dr Sandeep Sattur who is a top expert in the field of hair restoration. Hair Care Tips for Oily Scalp Question: I have oily scalp which makes my hair look sticky and requires daily wash, can oily scalp […]

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Monsoon Hair Care Tips by Dr Askhay Batra

My friends and I love to get wet in the rain. Trust me it is lots of fun for those of us living in Delhi (I can’t say what lovely girls of Mumbai think). But singing and dancing in the rain can also cause some some hair disasters. For example my friend Shruti complaints of […]

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Home Remedies for Frizzy Hair

Frizzy hair is probably one of the most common hair problem. Dr Poonam Bali who is a Homeopath and Cosmetologist shares home remedies for curing frizzy hair. Here is what she says in brief. For the complete talk please view the video. What Causes Frizzy Hair? Lets start by understanding what causes frizzy hair. One […]

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Curing Grey Hair – Natural and Home Remedies

Hi ladies. Grey hair is becoming quite common these days. Pollution, poor diet, pollution, stress of modern life, and urban lifestyle are reason for premature grey hair. Some time back we chatted up with Dr Poonam Bali who is a Homeopath and Skin & Hair expert on this problem. You can watch the video below […]

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Hair Care Tips for Summers

Your ravishing mane requires extra care during summers. We all know how had Indian summers can be on our skin. But some of us do not realize that it plays havoc with our hair. Heat, dust, sweat, dehydration, etc can lead to numerous hair problems. So lets get prepared to take care of our hair […]

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