Talking Nail Art with Smita Baishakhia of Colorbar

Hi ladies as some of you might have notices we are covering nail art in a major way on our blog. We get many nail art queries from readers and spoke about some of them with Smita Baishakhia Senoir Manager Brand Development at Colorbar. Here is what Smita has to say about nail art.

On Latest Nail Trends

Latest nail trends would be the nail crackle available where you just need to apply it like nail polish and will create a nice cracked nail art when it dries. Secondly, glitter top coats or nail tattoos. There are gel stickers or tuxedo manicure, splatter nail art etc.

On Nail DIY

  1. You can try French manicure at home
  2. You can even club two contrast shades for the nail art. Make one colour a the base coat and apply another colour at the tips.
  3. You can even try crackle nail paints at home which is very easy.
  4. Paint your nails black a then jst drop small droplets of bright colours like yellow, orange, red or green over the black nail paint. Make sure your black nail paint is dried.
  5. You can even draw nice articles via eyeliner brush over the contrasting base coat.

On What’s Trending in Nail Products

Colorbar Nail Crackle, Colorbar 15 ml Pro nail lacquer with flat brush which can be used as a base coat, top coat or as a nail polish or French manicure as well.

On Nail Art Do’s and Don’ts


Always take care of your nails. Remove the nail art with a good quality nail remover and massage your nails once a week with olive oil.
Use good quality of nail polishes which has no acetone and are nail friendly.
Always apply a base coat and top coat to protect your nails.


Never skip a base coat
Don’t use low and cheap quality nail polishes.
Have patience in creating nail art at home because it takes time.

Some Nail Art Designs You Can Try

Nail Art Design – Shades of Pink
Nail Art Designs – Shape Your Nail Square
Citrus Fruits Nail Art
Birthday Balloon Nail Art
Nail Art to Compliment Your Dress
Watermelon Nail Art Design


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