7 Tips for Maintaining Colored Hair – Shveta Bhatia

We chatted up with Revlon beauty expert Shveta Bhatia on maintaining colored hair. Hope you will find these 7 tips for maintaining colored hair useful.

  1. Allow Color to Set: After coloring your hair do not wash it for the first 2 days. Allow the color to set. Washing hair soon after coloring it washes away the color pigments. Color pigments need time to attach properly with protein in the hair. So avoid washing hair immediately after color treatment.
  2. Shampoo Less: Well shampoo is supposed to was away the dirt, grime, and oil from the hair. But since it cannot distinguish between good and bad it also washes away the color. So try to limit your shampoo usage. Instead of using shampoo every time you step into the shower try rinsing hair with cold or lukewarm water and apply a gentle conditioner.
  3. Alternate Between Shampoo and Conditioner: This tip is for limiting shampoo use. Do not use both shampoo and conditioner on the same day. Try to alternate between shampoo and conditioner. This will reduce your shampoo days by half 🙂 So the color will last longer.
  4. Avoid Sun Exposure: Not only is direct summer sunlight bad for your skin, it also damages the hair. Prolonged direct exposure to sunlight will make colored hair loose its shine and natural radiance and make it look artificial. Wear a scarf or a hat before stepping out in the sun.
  5. No Chlorine Please: Chlorine is generally bad for hair as well as skin. Chlorine also has bleaching effect. Someone who colors her hair and also spends a lot of time in the swimming pool will need to color her hair more often. Limit you time in the pool. Wear a swimming cap and rinse hair properly immediately after coming out of the pool.
  6. Put Away that Blow Dryer: Hot air from the blow dryer and heat of the curling machine will damage the color pigments and make color look artificial and dull. If you must use a blow dryer and curling iron use the lowest possible setting.
  7. Use Lukewarm or Cold Water: Hot water washes away color faster. So Always use cold to lukewarm water for your rinsing needs.

These tips were contributed by Revlon  beauty expert Shveta Bhatia

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