Tips for Makeup During Pregnancy – by Kryolan City Delhi

kryolan-logoFor many women, pregnancy is a time when their bodies do not feel like their own, Hormones and physical changes caused by pregnancy create some special needs Skin often changes during pregnancy, dark patches appear and some women become extremely sensitive to fragrances. Skin under such conditions is also referred to as ‘masks of pregnancy’. Below are some tips for makeup during pregnancy. Read on and let us know what you think.

  • Adjust any skin care regimen for pregnancy-related changes, either by adding more moisture to combat dryness on switching to oil-free formulas if skin has become oilier.
  • Use Sunscreen! Pregnancy hormones often leave the skin sensitive and more vulnerable to the sun. The vigilant use of sunscreen will help minimize appearance of hyper pigmentation.
  • To cover hyper pigmentation, use a Corrective Concealer like Derma color or Kryolan’s Tinted Moisturizer. Light foundation application should be set with fixing powder.
  • For those days when there is no natural glow, fake it with pretty shades of blush or use a light touch of bronzer over the face. Try the Kryolan’s Glamour Glow for that perfect sun kissed look.
  • For a refreshed look & feel pat face balm over makeup or on a bare face or use any mineral water spray like Kryolan’s Surgiva-Skin Refreshing Spray.
  • Learn the quick on the go makeup routine-prepare a palette that is customized for you making sure you choose colors that don’t need to be blended. Hydrate your skin all the time-drink plenty of water and use a rich moisturizer like the Kryolan’s Moisturizer Day Cream which is also “Fragrance free”!

This article has been contributed by Kryolan City Delhi. Kryolan is leading professional makeup brand and is a 67 year old company. Kryolan City Delhi store is located at Lajpat Nagar. The store has an extensive collection of beauty and makeup products. The makeup specialists are knowledgeable and fun to interact with.

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