Tricolor Nail Art Design for Independence Day

Hi ladies. Many of my friends like to wear the colors of the national flag, want it to be part of their fashion statement. But the law prohibits from “wearing” the flag. But we are not to be disappointed so easily. There are many accessories, fashion and makeup possible which are seeped in patriotism.

Nail Art Design for Independence Day

Nail Art Design for Independence Day

Tricolor Nail Art Design

In this post I am going to talk about tricolor nail art design we did with VLCC Day Spa. This is a very simple yet elegant nail art design for which you will not need much. The following stuff is required.

A very sheer pink nail shade for the base coat
Orange Nail lacquer
White Nail Lacquer
Green Nail Lacquer
A sheer silver nail glitter.

For a step by step process on how to do this nail art watch the video below.

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