VLCC Makeup Spring Collection 2013

VLCC Makeup Spring Collection 2013 is all about vibrant colors. I have come to love VLCC since I started blogging more than a year back. Their products are great and affordable. I am a regular user of some VLCC skin care products. I love their skin serums and sunscreen. But wait, I am digressing. This post is not about VLCC skin care products. It is about its spring makeup collection. So lets talk about it.

VLCC Makeup Spring Summer 2013 – Highlights

Spring brings bright gleaming eyes, glowing luscious complexion, bright juicy mouthfuls of colour to the lips and diva-like fingers. VLCC makeup range for spring 2013 has glamorous colours for everything from the eyelids to the finger-tips. One can sport the always-hip nude look with foundations in Hydra base or porcelain Airbrushed glow.

VLCC Spring Summer Makeup

VLCC Makeup Spring Summer Collection – All About Vibrant Colors

The collection has lipstick in bright candypop shades. These shades are very chich and in fashion. Blush-ons are in tones of peach and rose which you can wear with confidence during the spring, summer, and even monsoon season.

VLCC makeup spring collection also has voluminising mascarra which comes in rich midnight black shade. Makeing eyes the focal point is the makeup trend that is catching up. Dark mascarra highlights brown eyes. Put on a rich coat of mascara on lashes to bring your eyes into focus.

VLCC Makeup Collection Spring Summer 2013

VLCC Makeup Collection Spring Summer 2013 – All about bright shades

Blue and purple are the hippest colours to grab—dark enough to add length as well as give it the tinge of that vivid eye-catcher.

Here’s what makes it far more worth the while than one may suppose. This collection gives a flawless and non-sticky finish leaving you unruffled by the rising temperatures. Not only that, it is appropriate for every skin type be it sensitive, oily or even dry.

I will recommend that you sould step inside a VLCC makeup store and check the collection.

VLCC is also offering special 10% off or Rs. 500 off on the new Spring makeup at all VLCC centers this season. So hurry up and don the perfect look this season!

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